Fight the #MuslimBan Right Now

On January 27, President Trump banned entry to the U.S. for citizens from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Yemen, and Syria.

While we can’t directly change the president’s decision, we CAN offer urgent help to those who need it.

#NoMuslimBan #NoBanNoWall #Resist

الترجمة العربية

Turjumaadka af Soomaali

For Travelers & Refugees

Here’s what to know if you are denied entry to the United States:

  1. Know your rights at the airport, and when detained. Read more at the American Civil Liberties Union website.

Muslim Advocates has also put out a community guidance document and a fact sheet that are both helpful.

Here are flyers in Arabic and Farsi about the current events that have good information.

  1. DO NOT SIGN ANYTHING you are asked to sign, including and especially Form I-407, even if they say it will make life easier.

  2. Do not voluntarily abandon your green card or lawful permanent resident application.

  3. Demand a hearing with a judge. You have the right to an immigration judge.

  4. Ask for a lawyer. If you are detained at an airport in the United States you can also request legal assistance from the American Civil Liberties Union by contacting their local representative. You have the right to an attorney. Only discuss your details with the attorney, not with Customs and Border Protection (CPB).
    • Lawyers at JFK did an AMA on reddit explaining the legal rights of refugees.
  5. Reach out!

Find Housing

Americans are offering sanctuary to those in need:

If you are a student and need help relocating:

If you need help with your U.S. possessions (plants, car, etc):

If you are in the Silicon Valley region:

  • Project Ellis is a network of people who can help with legal advice, travel arrangements, accommodation and other issues.

For Those Who Want to Help

Here’s what you can do to help those in desperate need right now:

1. Offer housing on Airbnb or other platforms

2. Protest

Search protest locations on

3. Organize

If you don’t live in an urban area, organize your own protest

4. Lawyers: Help refugees directly at airports

If you are a lawyer: the Urban Justice Center has set up this google form for Airport Triaging. If you are able to help legally or as an observer, sign up.

Lawyers interested in helping with triaging can also join this Facebook group.

If you are at EWR, you can join this Google Group.

5. Donate and volunteer

Help organizations helping those in need.

6. Call Congress.

This can be done from Skype as well as from a phone in the States.

You can find your Representatives on by using your zipcode.

7. If you are flying, inform your plane.

Here are flyers in Arabic and Farsi useful for travelers flying into the states. Print them out and give them away.

8. Code. See this list of organizations on GitHub.

9. Join our Facebook Group and follow us on Twitter to stay up to date on ways to help.

  • We will continue to post updates on opportunities to help as they come in
  • Join our Facebook group
  • Follow our Twitter

If you are a Federal Employee

Resist! “I was following orders” is not a valid statement. The ACLU has your back and will 100% defend your constitutional, moral actions. Get in touch with them ASAP.


StrandedByTrump does not have good protocols for ensuring security for anyone who signs up. If you are worried about using your real name, please just read the information here, take what is relevant, and do not sign up or note that you read this site anywhere. I would encourage you to reach out to the ACLU or other organizations that have thought about security at length.


We need help! Currently, there are a few things you can do to help @StrandedByTrump have more impact: - Share on Social Media; - Translate: We need translations in Arabic, Kurdish, Farsi, Balochi, Azerbaijani, Berber, Somali, Zigua, Italian, Kurmanji, Armenian, and French. If you speak any of these, get in touch. For Arabic, if you speak a regional dialect or can translate, also get in touch. Use this form. - Help source data: We’re working on two things: a list of US Representatives stances on the Ban, and a list of resources for who is in the airports right now. Tweet at us or email! - Code: We need to get i18n running for the translators. Can you help? Also, look at the issues here. There are also other code projects listed on this list.

About this site

Stranded By Trump was made by a group of Americans (mostly) traveling in Buenos Aires who felt dispirited and dejected by the news coming out of the U.S. Rather than sit around and feel powerless, we and some friends from Twitter decided to build a site to help.

We are nominally non-partisan, but we acknowledge that Trump’s executive orders were racist, xenophobic, alienating, and decidedly un-American. We believe that no one person is illegal, and that America is best when it is welcoming all.

Site idea and planning by @richlitt. The logo is by Janne Wolterbeek helped out.

If you’d like to help out, please contact us at

We're in this together. #resist

By taking action together, we will save lives, keep families together, and show the world that Trump does not speak for all Americans.

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